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Before boarding your next flight, do you know your CBD carry-on ‘rules’?

As of May, 2019, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made changes that could allow some people to travel with CBD and hemp products. The “What Can I Bring” section on TSA’s website now reads ‘yes’ next to medical marijuana but with special instructions. The new update allows passengers to fly with medical marijuana and CBD products, but only if they’re derived from hemp and FDA approved.

How much CBD can I fly with?

 If the CBD is in liquid form (like a tincture or oil), you must abide by the TSA rules on liquids. That means no more than three ounces in your carry-on bag. Before you fly, make sure you read the TSA guidelines here and though some people will be within their rights to bring certain CBD products on board airplanes, it’s up to TSA to decide whether getting those products through security will cause more anxiety than it will alleviate.

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