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Blue Botanicals came highly recommended to me. The customer service is terrific and the product is awesome!! I’m so happy to support this great local business.


I purchased CBD oil for my husband... in less then a month it has helped the ringing in his ears!! He will continue to use it twice a day! Thank you❤️

Mike Kropf

I've always been one to have either anxiety or depression my whole life. After the birth of my second baby, I ended up going on an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety med which really was only good for a short period, but then made matters worst. Weaning off of that stuff as a nightmare and I'm so glad I'm no longer on it! Fast forward to about August 2017... I had heard so much about CBD and all its positive benefits, thought I would give it a go. I tried 4-5 other CBDs before I came across Blue Botanicals. It tastes great and the sublingual I have found, to work better than any pill or topical form. I can say I've been anxiety free for 5 months! & I've never felt more clear headed or positive about life. Thank you so much for giving me my life back! I can truly be present ,, in the moment, with my husband and kids and not have to worry about everything else. Complete life changer!

Danielle T

I had a 3rd hernia operation that left a lot of scar tissue and an entrapped nerve. My pain pushes 10 on the scale. I only can be prescribed 40 mg of Percocet 10/325 daily. I have seen 2 different pain mgmt dr, and have had 2 nerve block injections with no results. The Percocet woks, but my pain is getting worse and I need a supplemental medication.

Phil Ezell

Yummm chocolate!!!

Derek D.

I bought this product at the Farmers Market in Lake Forest. The rep and I talked about the extract. I purchased a bottle and it does help my son who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder with NO side effects. Which meds from the a doctor he had severe side effects. I’m going to start at night taking it to help me sleep with my menopause systems. Open up your mind and try if you don’t have any relief from other avenues.


My dog rocky suffered a cluster of epileptic seizures I used Blue on him 3 250 mg droppers and he stopped seizures!!!!


I have suffered with Lupus that affects my joints and causes severe pain. I decided to try CBD oil to help treat the problem. After using the drops for 2 weeks I started to feel relief without having to use so much pain medication. I am extremely happy with the product from Blue Botanicals. They are great and the oil is affordable. I suggest at least trying it to treat pain.


Your product has been nothing short of a miracle for my arthritic Sheltie. She stopped walking 3 years ago and for the last year I have had to pick her up out of her bed and place her on the grass or in front of her bowl. I had her on the heaviest dose of Vetprofen and she would still whimper in pain. BUT, about a month ago I started giving her about 25-30 mg of Blue Botanicals CBD daily. She began to walk around the house again and her appetite returned after about 2 weeks. Here we are a full month later and today we went for a half mile walk and she's jumping curbs. This dog hasn't jumped in 4 years and hasnt walked to the park in 2 years. Thank you so much for bringing life back to my furry love. She brings me so much joy and it has been so hard to watch the life drain out of her. Your CBD product has given me my dog back.

Thanks, Deborah

Hi! Suffering from neuropathy pain that keeps me up at night. Also, I have an ulcer on the bottom of my right foot.


Finally found a CBD Oil I love I had tried other CBD Oils in the past. Then one day, Blue Botanicals was set up in a booth at our local street fair. I don't know if it was Stephanie or not that talked to or another representative. She was very knowledgeable and answered my many questions. Even gave me a sample of the oil to taste since I told her the one I was using left a strong taste in mouth. I kept the information and when I had finally had it with the foul tasting one I was using, I ordered some thru Blue Botanicals, and have not looked back since then. It is easy to order, comes in a timely fashion, and the customer service is excellent!

Susan Mullin

The covid-19 virus had really left me with anxiety and sleeplessness and then I discovered Blue Botanicals CBD oil and my life has completely changed for the better. I am sleeping better, wake up in the morning full of energy and even though we are home bound, I have energy to do exercise classes on Youtube. Stephanie is really knowledgeable and explained her products really well. The customer service I receive is really great. Thank you for changing my life for the best.

Regards Cheryl

"Love this product works great for me and my dog!! I have a 12 yr old German shepherd who has been Taking blue botanicals Bacon 500mg for 3 yrs now and it's help tramendisly with her pain and she's still able to go on hikes with us thanks keep up the good work!!!!! 🙂"

Vince M

"Blue Botanicals is a great company with an amazing product, the purest available! Customer for life"


"I gave the CBD pain relief lotion to a friend, who said that it works very well with her arthritic hand. It had been recommended by a friend of mine. Thank you."


It has helped my wife’s arthritic hands.

George Bowman

Wonderful product. Customer service is great and ships fast!

Luz N.

I have been experiencing really bad shoulder pain and the topical medicated cream from my doctor wasn’t making any impact. Frustrated I was just dealing with the pain every night and accepted it was just part of my life now. That was until I found Blue Botanicals At the Irvine farmers market one random Sunday ladt year. I was hesitant to try it not understanding the product and how it works. They explained that with zero THC and showed testing. I tried a cream sample on my shoulder, and later that day realized that I didn’t have any pain. Order was placed at night, arrived on time and my pain has subsided for about a year now and occasionally need to reapply - happy to be sleeping through the night.

Brad K

I just love the chocolate CBD oil. It has help me sleep better and I wake up with more energy. They answered all of my questions, and Customer Service is great! Thank you for changing my life and this stressful world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cheryl R.

I can’t say enough great things about Blue Botanicals! Are use several products. I’ve tried so many face creams and my face always gets so red and irritated. The CBD face cream is amazing and I’ve had no redness or irritation! My skin instantly feels hydrated. After a long day I highly recommend the CBD bath bombs to relax you! I also love the CBD pain relief cream. I suffer from back pain and before I go to bed i use the CBD pain relief cream and always have a great night sleep after applying the cream to my sore muscle areas. The products are very reasonably priced and have helped me in so many ways! Treat yourself! You won’t be sorry!

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