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Would like to give a shout out to Blue Botanicals for the CBD oil for dogs and cats which we’ve given our 12 year old MiniSchnauzer who’s been licking his paws due to some allergy condition. He’s stopped almost completely — what a blessing! And his energy level has improved too. Thank you Blue Botanicals

Jim T.

My first time ordering and had the best experience! I told Stephanie my mom has arthritis and needed some drops for pain. She helped me from placing my order to delivering my order right to my house. It was so easy. When she arrived she went over all the instructions and was very sweet. I am definitely recommending them to everyone. Will be ordering in the future for my grandma and myself. Thank you guys! Happy New Year :)

Nadia A.

Friendly, good customer service

Alyssa P

I am in love with the Chocolate CBD oil. It has me relaxing and focus

Terry P.

Great Products, helped my fiancé and i with our anxiety. Helpful service & great info as we were learning about our CBD options.

Sara Voors

5 Stars!!!

Michelle L

Great product! Been tracking my sleep and noticed the benefits with using CBD before bed.

Derek A.

Blue Botanicals CBD is hands down the best. I use for RA and insomnia, my quality of life has improved drastically since starting the full spectrum soft gels along with tincture oil. The pureness of the products are excellent quality. Excellent excellent!!

Janel H.

Big fan of BB. helps with my anxiety / PTSD more than any other brand i have tried.


I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without the benefits of blue.

John P

I have been giving Blue Botanical CBD oil to my 13 year old, 6lb dog for about a year. I have seen changes in him such as decreased arthritic pain and decreased anxiety. The ladies at my farmers market are so knowledgeable and friendly. I am so grateful for this product!

Donelle Felix

Can’t say enough about their products. I take my Broad Spectrum at night, it relaxes me so i can sleep. Double bonus, wake up the next day pain free and relaxed all day. Little things don’t bug me. Thank you Blue Botanicals!! ?

Co Cav

The cream works wonders on the sore muscles. I have so many aches and pains it takes care of!

Tina B.

The ladies are awesome both at the farmers market and the delivery. This product is amazing as far as bringing you down at a good level. Ive gone from all over the place (physically and mentally) to leveled both physically and mentally. The biggest thing people think that haven’t taken CBD…..THIS DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH. This is the equivalent of taking Tylenol for a headache…..just like Tylenol just takes away the headache and does nothing else to you, same thing with CBD it just gets you to that comfort level. Fantastic product and fantastic workers.

Adam Duchovine

Blue Botanicals has helped give my dog a few extra months pain-free while she comes to the end of her life bc of cancer. Can’t thank this product enough.


I started to use CBD per my vets recommendation for my 15 year old Terrier. I have noticed improvement in his mobility and overall activity. The support and information I received from Blue Botanicals was excellent and will use them for future purchases…


Blue botanicals cbd is the best. The cream also works really well. Fast shipping


Blue Botanicals came highly recommended to me. The customer service is terrific and the product is awesome!! I’m so happy to support this great local business.


I purchased CBD oil for my husband... in less then a month it has helped the ringing in his ears!! He will continue to use it twice a day! Thank you❤️

Mike Kropf

I've always been one to have either anxiety or depression my whole life. After the birth of my second baby, I ended up going on an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety med which really was only good for a short period, but then made matters worst. Weaning off of that stuff as a nightmare and I'm so glad I'm no longer on it! Fast forward to about August 2017... I had heard so much about CBD and all its positive benefits, thought I would give it a go. I tried 4-5 other CBDs before I came across Blue Botanicals. It tastes great and the sublingual I have found, to work better than any pill or topical form. I can say I've been anxiety free for 5 months! & I've never felt more clear headed or positive about life. Thank you so much for giving me my life back! I can truly be present ,, in the moment, with my husband and kids and not have to worry about everything else. Complete life changer!

Danielle T
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