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Wonderful product. Customer service is great and ships fast!

Luz N.

I have been experiencing really bad shoulder pain and the topical medicated cream from my doctor wasn’t making any impact. Frustrated I was just dealing with the pain every night and accepted it was just part of my life now. That was until I found Blue Botanicals At the Irvine farmers market one random Sunday ladt year. I was hesitant to try it not understanding the product and how it works. They explained that with zero THC and showed testing. I tried a cream sample on my shoulder, and later that day realized that I didn’t have any pain. Order was placed at night, arrived on time and my pain has subsided for about a year now and occasionally need to reapply - happy to be sleeping through the night.

Brad K

I just love the chocolate CBD oil. It has help me sleep better and I wake up with more energy. They answered all of my questions, and Customer Service is great! Thank you for changing my life and this stressful world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cheryl R.

I can’t say enough great things about Blue Botanicals! Are use several products. I’ve tried so many face creams and my face always gets so red and irritated. The CBD face cream is amazing and I’ve had no redness or irritation! My skin instantly feels hydrated. After a long day I highly recommend the CBD bath bombs to relax you! I also love the CBD pain relief cream. I suffer from back pain and before I go to bed i use the CBD pain relief cream and always have a great night sleep after applying the cream to my sore muscle areas. The products are very reasonably priced and have helped me in so many ways! Treat yourself! You won’t be sorry!


I tried multiple products and this tops all i will use it all the time

Naji S.

My rescue pitbull just started CBD oil from Blue Botanicals as a recommendation from a dog behaviorist. We have seen wonderful results in just a few days. My dog is calmer and not miss behaving and still has his sweet loving personality. Also, the customer service is outstanding! Thank you!

Cheryl G.

“Gives me serious help with my pain“

Kate Y.

Purchased my very first bottle (ever). The oil has definitely shown positive effects on my osteoarthritis (knees). I’ll continue to use Blue Botanicals CBD!

Michelle R.

“I love adding Blue Botanicals to my morning smoothies!”

Karen A.

Stephanie, you created a superior CBD product based on well done research, as shown me at your son's market stand when I first purchased. I am now a repeat customer. I Love the Purity in the CBD oil. I love the mint! Thank you, Jack

Jack T.

I had tried other CBD Oils in the past. Then one day, Blue Botanicals was set up in a booth at our local street fair. I don't know if it was Stephanie that I talked to or another representative. She was very knowledgeable and answered my many questions. Even gave me a sample of the oil to taste since I told her the one I was using left a strong taste in mouth. I kept the information and when I had finally had it with the foul tasting one I was using, I ordered some thru Blue Botanicals, and have not looked back since then. It is easy to order, comes in a timely fashion, and the customer service is excellent!

Susan Mullin

I have been using Blue Botanicals CBD for the past 2 years for anxiety and sleep when needed while going through detox, it really helps calm my anxiety and allows me to sleep.

Dad Dad

I received the product earlier than the estimated delivery date The quality of shipping and the quality of the product are awesome! I highly recommend Blue Botanicals

Jo St

Great, this really helped my elderly English Bulldog! His issues are seizure disorder and aging bones and joints. What a difference! Forever grateful xox

Grammy of twins

The CBD oil has had a profound impact on my arthritis. I use the tincture at night which also aides in sleep. The broad spectrum I can use during the waking hours without any incidence. Lastly, I have a 9 month old Staffie that struggles with sound and touch, using the low mg Bacon CBD oil has helped him tolerate these environmental variables that heretofore would cause anxiety. My 9 year Airedale has arthritis and she too benefits from the low dosage Bacon CBD oil. Of course, ALWAYS check with you MD and DVM. I got clearance with both


I have type two diabetes and I take no drugs to lower my blood sugar I only use natural supplements and this seems since I’ve started taking the CBD oil my A-1 C has dropped. Also, I Used to have a clicking in my ears and that too has disappeared. Thank you so very much!!


Product arrived earlier than expected, loved that. Product was packaged with care, very nice. This was my first time trying & purchasing CBD Oil. My friend uses product from this site for similar issues & trust her. Plus, my OBGYN also recommended I give CBD a try and that it may help at my last appt. with him. I believe it is & will help but I’m still assessing for correct mg dose. Takes some time to figure out for each individual. I first got the 500mg Mint dropper. I was worried about the taste & oil texture but was pleasantly surprised how light, smooth & nice the mint was. Wonderful product.

Juana T

The THC-free CBD isolate is high quality, I've used it in a nootropic stack with L-theanine for enhancing attention and focus during studying and found it to be effective.

Steven Lewis

Great products. Friendly and helpful staff. Very clean space.

M Martinez

100% legit product. Just want to let people out there know that there are a lot of spurious (fake) CBD products out there. Many companies will ask you to claim your free bottle and get you stuck with a monthly payment along with a bottle of regular oil with no trace of/negligible CBD. Blue botanicals has high content real CBD that tastes, looks and feels like the real hemp oil. I highly recommend their products to others.

Prashant Raj
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