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I cannot say enough about Blue Botanicals. Love the product and the customer service behind it for it is unlike any other. I am fortunate to have found them.


Very pure. Great product. Great company with integrity!


It was so great to meet you at the farmers market this past Sunday! I just wanted to say that this oil has changed my life, and I’ve only been taking it for 3 days! I can’t wait to see the difference in a few weeks as well! I’m soooooo happy with it! I will definitely be ordering more for sure! The 500mg dose twice a day was perfect! Thanks so much for all your help. I will be in contact to order more! Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know my results.


As a certified health coach, I'm very picky about the products I use. I came across Blue Botanicals at a local swap meet, and decided to ask questions. Not only were they very knowledgeable, they also shared their Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Most companies will not do that! I have been taking their CBD for several months now due to my own autoimmune issue and notice a significant difference in my pain levels and sleep patterns. I highly recommend them to every one of my clients, and others looking to try CBD oil.

Michelle - Health Coach

Try Blue Botanicals you wont be disappointed tried over 50 diffrrent cbd products out there one of the best that is thc free


Ur product is super lagit for anyone wondering i got a 1000mg tincture natural flavor for my dog and it totally helped take away all the symptoms i was trying to relieve she was back to 100% in 7 days as she is 14 years old mini pin Chihuahua Jack Russell mix been using CBD products for years now and yours is truly worth using would love to get another couple and a full spectrum 3000mg shes got tumors in her breast line tummy and it makes her so uncomfortable one is bigger than a golf ball my dog Sky thanks


Works great on arthritis and sleep

Chris Norris

For all my fellow pet lovers this product has been nothing short of a miracle for my arthritic Sheltie. She stopped walking 3 years ago and for the last year I have had to pick her up out of her bed and place her on the grass or in front of her bowl. I had her on the heaviest dose of Vetprofen and she would still whimper in pain. BUT, about a month ago I started giving her about 25-30 mg of Blue Botanicals CBD daily. She began to walk around the house again and her appetite returned after about 2 weeks. Here we are a full month later and today we went for a half mile walk and she's jumping curbs. This dog hasn't jumped in 4 years and hasnt walked to the park in 3 years. My furry love has life in her again. She brings me so much joy and it has been so hard to watch the life drain out of her. This CBD product has given me my dog back.... If you also have aging pets with health problems, consider giving this a try. I am so grateful to get my furry friend mobile again and to enjoy her for a bit longer.

Deborah Smith

"Thank you for making a reliable and safe product! So happy to have found a company that ships to Canada, and fills orders quickly! My Email questions were answered promptly and I am very satisfied with this experience! Brampton Ontario, Canada"

joe libanio

Three months after I started taking CBD oil I had no more pain in my right knee and I stopped limping. Everybody asked me, Did you have a knee transplant. Love it, keep up the good work Blue Botanicals! ?

Neil Campbell

Great on burns! Healed up fast.

Tim Reyburn

I started taking the CBD Oil form Blue Botanical last January and have experienced so many changes in my overall health and sense of well being. I am a 66 year in general good health for my age... That said since taking the oil my fasting blood panel numbers and changed to the better like never before to the good. My overall aches and pains have have gone from 7 to 10 on a 1 to 10 scale to about a 2...I now sleep through the night no more waking up at 3am. The ringing in my ears has stopped. I am much calmer and thinking seems to be more clear. My memory also has improved which i thought was just not good due to my age...Frankly i feel like I’m in my 40’s again...The only downside is I’m not 40 in real life and i have to curb my new found zest for life. If your on the fence about CBD give it a try for at least a month and see how you feel. Also i have increased the doesage and i now take the 1000mg which has made even more of a difference for me personally. One last thing i used to take all kinds of ibuprofen, Alieve type products for pain. I no longer take any...Just the CBD in the morning and before bed. I hope my review helped you....all the best John

John Frink

Super efficient. I couldn’t ask for a smoother transaction. The oil was exact and bottled in a professional way. It always gives me serious help with my pain. I’ve purchased it 3 times. Would not go back to the previous company that I’ve tried.

Kate Tierney Yznaga

Mint 500mg cbd oil is a great product! has helped me with anxiety, insomnia, and my inflamation! great customer service too!


I have suffered with Lupus that affects my joints and causes severe pain. I decided to try CBD oil to help treat the problem. After using the drops for 2 weeks I started to feel relief without having to use so much pain medication. I am extremely happy with the product from Blue Botanicals. Stephanie is great and the oil is affordable. I suggest at least trying it to treat pain.


Purchased very first bottle (ever) on vacation in SoCal. The oil has definitely shown positive effects on my osteoarthritis (knees). Good online information, great customer service, easy online ordering, and affordable. I'll continue to use BB.

Michelle Ramirez

Great, this really helped my eldery english bulldog! His issues are seizures and aging bones and joints. What a diffrrence! Forever grateful xoxo.

My dog rocky suffered a cluster of epileptic seizures I used Blue on him 3 250 mg droppers and he stopped seizures!!!! THANK YOU

David Wert

I received the product earlier than the estimated delivery date The quality of shipping and the quality of the product are awesome! I highly recommend Blue Botanicals

Jo St

Excellent customer service and a high quality product!

Melody Coffey-love
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